The POWER of a Review!

Reviews…what can we learn from them?

For the past several years more and more websites have been created to encourage consumers to ‘review’ their experiences. It’s apparent more and more consumers want to hear how we were treated, over the traditional marketing words of the advertising companies.
This being said, real estate services have several…almost to many review sites for the consumer, making it a chore to find any one particular agents review if you want to thoroughly investigate the agent you are considering working with.
From,,,,,,, and many more, where should you start? My recommendation is to run a ‘Google’ search for your agent. This will help you find them online and identify the sites that share the reviews you are searching for.
In this ‘computer world’ we live in, it’s imperative that your real estate agent grabs hold of the technology and uses it to market your home as well as themselves. If you are not sold on the power of the computer era yet, consider this fact: 96% of all home buyers start their home search online and the majority of these buyers have visited 3-5 different websites before even talking to a real estate agent. More importantly, most buyers have enjoyed doing their own research for an average of 6 weeks before connecting with an agent. Many of these ‘buyers’ are also ‘sellers’ so this is the same for all.
In this global market, we need to understand that people of all nationalities are moving in every direction. We enjoy searching for the same products in different languages and at all times of the day…or night! Making your home visible online is a must! While some agents still believe in ‘traditional’ marketing efforts, as the only way to sell a home, the agents that have added the ‘tech savvy’ skills along with a traditional effort not only make a home sell faster, but it offers a better chance of getting top dollar – by getting more people looking in it’s direction…increasing the chance of a multiple offer scenario.
Reviews are interesting, because they are generally short and to the point. Some are from sellers while others are from buyers, sharing good – and also unsatisfying experiences! The point is, most reviews tell us a pattern of what to expect from the agent we are considering.
The review mentality of an agent should be to deliver exceptional service to everyone…both buyer and seller, in every price range! Understanding that the client will undoubtedly share the experience with someone, and the same experience becomes magnified when put in a review and posted for the whole world to see. While most reviews are positive, it’s equally important to share unsatisfying results. The review (good or bad) are a result of service one agent gives…of fails to give during the all important home buying or selling process.
Agents can learn a lot from your review! Be truthful and know that when you share your experience it may help your past agent improve! Many times agents never get the feedback of what they did wrong. And…in a ‘pay it forward’ mentality, your review could very well save someone (you will probably never meet), a probable bad experience.
Of course a positive review is a great compliment to an agent and valued as proof of a job well done, so please share your reviews with the world!

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