When is the RIGHT time to LIST YOUR HOME in the Central Valley?

If you have been considering selling in order to take advantage of the regained equity in your home, timing is of the utmost importance.  But, don’t assume for a minute that our real estate market is always predictable.  In fact, there are several key points that help real estate professionals come up with the best value at any given time.

Timing is critical, and there is no doubt about this! The decision to sell your home should be very well thought out.  Of course not all sellers have the opportunity to plan a sale, but if you do, this article will help you walk away with more profits.

Here a few important items to consider when planning your home sale:

TOP 10 SIGNS that you should sell your home:

Maybe you have out grown your home and need more space, or perhaps you just want a different floor plan…whatever the reason, I want to help you get top dollar so you have the best advantage of repurchasing your next home.

Here are the key points that should put you position to win!

  • Are your Finances in order?

Be prepared and meet with a lender to discuss your options.  Yes, we need to spend the time now – to prepare for your next purchase.  By being aware of your finances up front, you will be in a better position to buy once your home is sold.  Most home buyers are not aware of the changes that occurred in mortgage banking over the past 5 years, so do your due-diligence.

Having the right real estate agent in your corner from the start of this process will save you much grief as well.  for example, as an experienced real estate broker, I can recommend the best lenders in the business, so you benefit from working with helpful, knowledgeable lenders that can guide you along the way.

  • Is your home ‘FIT to SELL?

There is no doubt that a well presented home will not only sell for more money, but it will also sell faster!  On my website ‘HomeSearch209.com’ under the ‘Seller’ tab, you will find a series of short videos from the RE/MAX Collection ‘Is your home FIT to SELL’.  These videos shine light on the most common selling points and if a seller studies these videos, they will undoubtedly make their home standout in the market!

  • Do you need to sell in order to buy?

This is always a challenging situation, although understand that the majority of move up buyers are in this very situation!  The goal is different for everyone, so talking with your real estate agent about your plans will help find a sensible solution.  Some sellers make their sale ‘contingent on finding a suitable replacement property’…while others sell their home and rent (short term) until they find the next home…and buy with less stress.  Both have positive and negative results, so before you list your home for sale…discuss the pro’s and con’s with your agent.

  • Your neighborhood is ‘Peaking’!

Timing is everything!  So if you feel your neighborhood has peeked and values are at an ‘all time high’, then maybe it’s the right time to cash in!  Because most buyers need to obtain financing, a strong neighborhood is really only as good as the recent comparable sales.  In most cases, appraisers are required to find comparable sales that are 6 months old or newer, so if your area is ‘HOT’ don’t wait to long to ride the wave.

  • Time for a change?

Lifestyle changes are one of the most common reasons why people want to sell their properties. Give yourself and your property some time before this moment in order not to regret it later on! Take it all step by step and enjoy it!

Selling your home is a big project, so really evaluate everything closely so that you don’t regret your decision.  Talk with friends and even your real estate agent for opinions on the market and how it effects you.  A good agent will be helpful in pointing out some facts that you may have not considered.

  • You just ‘MUST MOVE”!

Being pressured to do something takes the fun out of it, don’t you agree?  But, if this is the reason why you have to sell your home, then try not to convert everything into a frustrating conversation! In this situation too, there are many reasons for which you are willing to take the next big step in your life. Whether you change jobs or because your family has a new member, a fact is clear – you need a new house that fits better for now! Just look at the positives and enjoy the process.

  • Your current home doesn’t fit you anymore!

If home that you have now isn’t as comfortable as you would like, then it’s time to change! Taking into account the short comings of the property will help you become excited about the next chapter in your life…as you begin shopping for the NEW home.

  • Study your local market.

Your real estate agent is your best source for preparing you for this step!  working with your agent (Before you decide to sell your home) you can review data and watch current movement with similar properties in your area.  This general overview of how your property is in comparison to the others will help you prepare for the next process.

Moreover, see how the market is performing, how are market trends? Is this really a favorable time for you?

  • Is the season important?

Yes, it is. It is said that the best periods to put your property on the market are during spring or summer, however winter and autumn has also their own advantages. In the end, it depends greatly on your own case – the market you have to deal with, the property that you have or the price you ask.

The moment you introduce your place in the market is vital, in other words, it is better to put your house on the market sooner rather than later. The reason? It is better both for buyers and for you too. More time on the market means more chances for you to sell it faster! Get the buyer, you are looking for!

  • You just need another home

So, you’re ready for a different environment and your gut is telling you that now it is the time for you to sell your property. If everything ends up well you might get to see your dream come true. The chances of success depend both on the actual condition of the market, but as well on how you manage to handle the entire situation.

So, bottom line – there is no good or bad season to market your home. It depends on several factors, including your personal reasons and the stage of the market, but not necessarily on the season. How come? Well, you can get to sell your home no matter what the season is if the price is correct and your house is really in a top shape!

If you want to sell your house, firstly think about your reasons and if this is really what is best for you. However, don’t have expectations too high – you cannot predict a house sell. It depends on so many variables that you cannot possibly say when your dream may come true.

So, when is it the perfect moment to sell your house? When both you and your property are ready!


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