What is ‘Staging’…?

Insider tips on staging your home for sale can be found on many real estate websites or blog posts, although many sellers fail to pay attention to the obvious!  As a real estate broker who has viewed hundreds of homes over the past few years…take my word for it – “A clean home is not a staged home.”

I give credit to the sellers that make a point to thoroughly clean their home, touch-up paint and remove clutter and then follow the steps needed to stage their home so that it stands out among the competition.  On the website ‘homesearch209.com’ you will find a dozen short videos on this topic, each covering specific areas of your home.  Sellers are able to watch these videos and identify simple and smart staging ideas for interior and exterior parts of the home as well as topics such as odor and landscaping tips.

Let’s be clear, real estate is a visual experience!  Yes the numbers matter, although because of the online influence in marketing…if you don’t have quality photos of your home, showing the proper display of a room – you have a chance of losing potential buyers.

One may argue that in a ‘seller’s market’ it is not important to stage your home in order to sell it.  Clearly, if you are the only home offered…this could be true, but even in a seller’s market – we still have competition.

Where to start: Contact a good real estate agent! The right agent will guide you in the right direction so you avoid spending to much on items that are not needed.  The last thing I want to see if for my client wasting money on items that will not bring a return!

Every city has one or two professional staging companies that can help…while some homes simply need re-arranging, others may need fresh paint or new furniture added.  If cost is a factor, consider picking up a book on this subject or visit nearby model homes for ideas.

Remember, the best place to start is by watching the online videos at: http://www.homesearch209.com. They are free and informative.  Simply click on the ‘seller’ tab and locate the Video drop down…the rest is easy!

Enjoy and may your home sell fast and for top dollar!


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