Don’t SINK your Sale!

If you are like most sellers, you want to sell your home for top dollar…in the fastest amount of time!  In order to do this, you will need to keep the potential buyers wishes at the top of your mind.   Across the country, the real estate market has recovered and many traditional sellers are reaping the rewards from the past foreclosure market gains – so expect to have competition!

Many elements which served you well as a homeowner may be potentially damaging when it comes time to sell.  Here are 5 of the most common items that hurt a real estate sale.

1.  Carpeting.  While it is nice to have soft, padded carpeting to walk on, the reality is most potential buyers prefer hardwood or laminate flooring.  Furthermore, many will see carpeting as traps for odors such as pet smells and often feel carpeting is to hard to keep clean and tends to be personalized in color.

2. Transforming or altering bedrooms.  if you have a home that has four bedrooms, when it comes time to sell, you are going to want potential buyers to see four bedrooms. Transforming a bedroom into a walk-in closet or an office or sewing room with ‘built-ins’ may be something you will enjoy while you are living there, but it will be a big negative to potential buyers.

3.  Accent walls.  Accent walls are an inexpensive decorating tip and are popular with many homeowners.  However, the reality is many potential buyers view even small fixes like changing paint as money, worry and work.

4.  Small appliances.  While you may be pressed for space and like the slim-line version of your favorite appliance, most home buyers prefer to see full size and scale appliances.  Appliances are expensive, and many homeowners will not want to purchase new ones when they buy your home.

5.  Pools and hot tubs.  These may be status symbols in your neighborhood, and if you live in a hot climate, they are perhaps a necessity.  Even so, many home buyers see pools as a negative, especially families with small children who have safety concerns.  On the same note, many home buyers are turned off by hot tubs and view them as potential breeding ground for germs.  Both pool and hot tubs are also seen as potential negatives to home buyers because of maintenance costs.

Scott Cary is a real estate Broker in California and an Associate with RE/MAX Executive in Modesto, Ca. If you are considering the sale of your home, Scott can help guide you through the sales process so that you can sell fast and receive top dollar.


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